Doogie's and Pablos's was founded on a balmy March day in 1997. The owner, Mike Hauser, built the business from the ground up with nothing more then a pair of pliers and bag of rusty nails. It has been rumoured that he never left the building once until 2005, when the unprecedented amount of canned goods he had stockpiled for the turn of the century ran dry. Throughout those fateful early years, two mentalities were ingrained perpetually into the soul and foundation of the building and its inhabitants. That good people create good times, and that live music is the single most important thing in this universe.


The quality of the people that have not only worked under the roof of 37 Wyndham Street, but also the patrons who have made the bar their home away from home is indelible proof of the former. While scientific evidence that is kept under heavy surveillance somewhere in the appalachians is unrelenting proof of the latter. With live music 6 nights a week, headlined by the almighty Test Icicles, Doogie's and Pablo's has established itself as the premiere nightclub in Guelph for what is now 15 years. With many more a good time to be had, and many more a performance to be enjoyed, Doogie's and Pablo's will be a favourite for Guelphites for many more years to come.